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About us

About us

KHRS is a service enterprise established in 1981. Back then KHRS primary service was cleaning, but today KHRS has expanded the field of services and offers a wide range of services, within the hotel industry and commercial service.

With more than 38 years of experience within this area, a professional and unique approach to our customers has been developed. Quality- and service mindedness are words which KHRS like to be associated with. The best way to do it is to keep on developing the work, which will be put in to force with every obstacle we meet.

KHRS’s self-perception is, that we are a most adequate and adaptable partner, who at anytime will put the need of the customer over our own. This self-perception has root in long cooperative and satisfied customers, which we are proud of.

Furthermore it’s worth mentioning, that KHRS employ more than 61 different nationalities, which means, that there exists a tolerant and respectful attitude amongst our multicultural staff.

The multicultural work environment also shows that the idea about “the common good” has been driven deep into the heart of KHRS’ employees.


Vision of KHRS

KHRS has a clear vision – and we know how to achieve it!

A strong productivity and increased growth is the key to a positive community development.

If this development is to be realized and put into practice it means, that all relevant players, such as private companies take an initiative and try to make a difference. This is the business philosophy that KHRS as a service enterprise try to live by. KHRS want to make a difference to the public and private sector.

KHRS wants to create more jobs and thereby contribute to the social-economic circuit.


KHRS takes responsibility:

- Has an agreement with 3F

- Member of Servicebranchens Arbejdsgiverforening (SBA)

- Member of Dansk Industri (DI)

- Approved for Servicenormen

- Follow FN’s Code of Conduct

- Member of DI Service Udbudspanel

- Winner of Københavns Erhvervspris 2016

- Nominated for The VFSA’s CSR People Prize 2016

- Steady Support Member of Red Cross

- Business partner for Danish Cancer Society

- KHRS is a member of the HORESTA Arbejdsgiverforening.


KHRS offers:

- Professional and experienced management and staff

- High delivery safety and back-up system in case of unplanned absence

- Structured and organized operational start and period of implementation

- Quality insurance and quality report

- Self-monitoring, sampling and inspection

- Trained and task specific trained employees

- High service level and loyal co-operation

- Environmental correct services and how to use the body the right way

- Responsible safety- and health measures


KHRS the winner of Københavns Erhverspris 2016

KHRS are very proud to have won the coveted Erhverspris 2016 within the category “Environment and social responsibility”. KHRS has for the last 10 years worked closely together with the municipalities of Denmark to solve the many obstacles concerning integration and employment.

“KHRS are a business, which have shown an impressive social responsibility. KHRS has been very successful in creating workplaces for people far from the labor market and has succeeded in creating a strong business, a spacious and diverse workplace and places of employment in Copenhagen”.

This was the words of the jury, then KHRS in June was announced the first winner of Københavns Erhverspris 2016 within the category “Environment and social responsibility”.


KHRS has signed The Partnership Agreement “Sammen om Integration”

At the beginning of 2016 KHRS signed an agreement “Sammen om Integration”. An agreement which Jobservice Danmark are responsible for.

The municipalities of Copenhagen and greater Copenhagen have the opportunity to refer citizens to KHRS’s project “New Resources” through this agreement.


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We offer a wide span of different hotel services.


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KHRS has an agreement with 3F, member of HORESTA Arbejdsgiverforening and member of DI, including SBA.