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Commercial cleaning

KHRS has for more than 38 years offered professional commercial cleaning with individual cleaning agreement to ensure your company a complete, quality-based, responsible and environmentally friendly cleaning.

We always ensure a reasonable start-up process is organized according to your individual wishes and needs when you as a company chooses to outsource your cleaning activities.

Quality Cleaning

As a customer of KHRS you can expect a collaboration where the keyword is quality down through the entire organization. Quality is characterized in all types of cleaning every day all year round.

KHRS creates a quality of cleaning work through elucidated procedures for self-monitoring, sampling, quality control, inspection and quality - collaborative studies. We create a continuous quality based cleaning from INSTA800 standards or own developed quality control system.

The ongoing collaboration between KHRS and you will be going on in a close dialogue between your contact person and our supervisor who is responsible for the locality. This supervisor quorum in relation to changes in work execution, scope and monthly dialogue / status meetings. At the operational level will refer to our Operations Manager.

Through the whole contract period you will experience good communication and we are available 24/7. We are highly flexible, in order to allow necessary adjustments during the process to ensure quality service and maintaining a good working relationship with you.


At KHRS we go uncompromised for a continuous quality to ensure satisfied customers and long-term customer relationships as well as focus on delivery safety.

We have created a stable business foundation based on many years of experience and a unique business understanding and insight into the industry.

Delivery safety is created by:

- Complete contract fulfillment.

- Thorough organizing:

- Operating Technical and organizational conditions

- Implementation Process

- Quality assurance of the cleaning work.

- Appropriate and correct:

- Manning

- Time

- Efficient management of holiday replacement, sick leave

- Stable supplies without disruption.

- Good management and educational skills.

- Thorough education.

- Task-specific instruction and training.


KHRS Profile

We offer a wide span of different hotel services.


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KHRS has an agreement with 3F, member of HORESTA Arbejdsgiverforening and member of DI, including SBA.