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KHRS delivers professional and presentable bellboys, whom are always ready to receive the hotel’s guests.

Many hotels are really busy during the summer period  – which may result in stressed reception personnel, and not being able to provide the service you wish for your customers. To ensure the high service level without compromising KHRS are through our bellboys, remedy bustle and optimize the service that your guests deserve.

The guests first impression of the hotel is very important. With our competent, stable and welcoming bellboys, the guests will always be greeted with a smile and a welcome to the hotel.

Our bellboys can not only help the hotel guests with their luggage, you can also use them as tourist guides. Our bellboys have knowledge about the neighborhood, the city and the country, so that they can always guide the guests in the best possible way.

KHRS guarantees:

  • High service level
  • Presentable employees
  • A minimum of two languages
  • Employment according to convention


Advantages for the customers:

  • Better service for the guests
  • Relief of reception and other departments
  • Greater flexibility
  • Competitive hourly price

KHRS Profile

We offer a wide span of different hotel services.


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KHRS has an agreement with 3F, member of HORESTA Arbejdsgiverforening and member of DI, including SBA.