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Canteen service

KHRS delivers stable and motivated canteen staff to personnel canteens and hotels. We have great experience within canteen operation and have different agreements with companies, which are adapted to their individual needs.

We constantly focus on delivering the best service by, among other things, making sure to have competent, motivated and well-trained canteen employees who can independently handle the challenges that are always present in a canteen.

Our canteen staff is experienced and competent enough to know that every task is unique, that every customer has his or her own perception of what is right for him or her. Therefore, a detailed work program is developed in collaboration with the client about how the tasks of the canteen staff are desirably organized.

Some of the canteen tasks could be:

  • Servering the buffet and making sure that it is always filled.
  • Cleaning of the buffet and the area surrounding it.
  • Making sure that machines, ovens and tools always are clean and hygienic
  • Making sure of maintenance of personnel canteen
  • Serving and clearing

Extra canteen personnel can gladly be booked in connection with bigger events and during busy periods.

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KHRS has an agreement with 3F, member of HORESTA Arbejdsgiverforening and member of DI, including SBA.