Vibevej 20,
2400 København NV

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Maintenance is the work that secures that the physical settings for the hotel are correct.

Work tasks include:

  • Working with heating, water and electricity which do not require authorization
  • Replacement of locking bolts
  • Replacement of bulbs
  • Setting up tables and chairs for conferences
  • Setting up bar area or scenes
  • Coordination of basement space
  • Receive new products and foodstuff
  • Sorting of bottles
  • Carpet installation
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Painting tasks
  • Snow removal in winter, also outside of normal working hours.


KHRS delivers a stable service staff that is motivated to perform a professional maintenance service.

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We offer a wide span of different hotel services.


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KHRS has an agreement with 3F, member of HORESTA Arbejdsgiverforening and member of DI, including SBA.