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Our matrons/supervisors are all dedicated and experienced matrons, who deliver first class quality and service to our customers. The job contains a high degree of independent drive, personnel leadership experience, hiring, room check, cleaning, crewing and shift planning, problem solving in tight situations. Our matrons are leaders who act as role models for their employees and colleagues.

We always discuss, jointly with the hotel, how the tasks of the matron/supervisor are desirably organized.

The matron/supervisor is an important role for a well-functioning Housekeeping department and we, with reassurance and stability, give the responsibility for the daily operation to the matron/supervisor, who functions as the hotels close collaborator.

We offer you:

  • The quality of the maids work is controlled and possible errors are corrected immediately.
  • Windows must be closed, and TV and lamps turned off.
  • Thermostat on radiator must be correctly set for the season.
  • Receipt for approval of rooms that are ready for check in.

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KHRS has an agreement with 3F, member of HORESTA Arbejdsgiverforening and member of DI, including SBA.