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KHRS is always looking for dedicated, reliable and competent employees. Motivated and interested employees are always welcome at KHRS. Are you professional, responsible, and ready to make an effort? Then you may be the person we need.

You do not need to have experience, but it is an advantage if you know the business.

We encourage you to apply, and do not hestitate to apply unsolicited. Do not be afraid of applying if you do not have experience, as long as you have the right attitude and motivation. At KHRS we care about training and educating our employees, regardless of experience, so that we can ensure a consistent quality and service. You will be trained and instructed, the instructions are aimed at your workplace. Your inspector will be with you the first week to make sure that you get the necessary learning and instruction, and as well make sure that the quality and service meet the expectations and standards of clients.

Foreign citizens must have a valid residence permit and work permit in Denmark before you can start working at KHRS. We collect your tax information automatically from SKAT as soon as you start.

KHRS hires employees regardless of nationality and religion. We have a personnel staff of over 35 nationalities, which we are very proud of. We are a diverse service company that cares about its employees.

Employment at KHRS requires:

  • Clean criminal records
  • Legal residence- and work permit
  • Speak Danish or English as a minimum


We expect you to be:

  • Responsible
  • Trustworthy
  • Well groomed
  • Cooperative


We offer you:

  • We therefore work dedicated to ensure that our employees are not discriminated.
  • A good collaboration and well defined work tasks
  • Mutual trust and respect between managers and employees
  • A good and developing work environment physically as well mentally
  • Balance between work and family life
  • A diverse and welcoming workplace with equal conditions for all regardless of gender, age, handicap, religion or ethnic origin.
  • Challenging work tasks


We recognize our employees as our most valuable resource; We therefore work dedicated to ensure that our employees are not discriminated because of gender, skin color, origin, religion or faith, age or pregnancy. All personnel are treated with respect and in compliance with Danish laws.

Send you application today, or fill out the application form via the link.

Download application form here

Remember that you are always welcome at our office on Vibevej 20, 3rd floor tv. Our reception is open for all, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00 to 13:00, or by appointment. You must bring a copy of your criminal record, work permit, and social security no. (cpr. no.) or other ID.

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