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Temesgen - Employee of the year 2017

Today, the annual award "Employee of the Year" was distributed.

The tradition is a part of KHRS's CSR policy and runs for the 15th time. The award this year went to a very special person with a very special story. Temesgen seen on the right side of the picture was a new citizen in Denmark from Eritrea, when he started at KHRS in October 2016. Temesgen lacked work experience at the time he started to work for KHRS, and also he struggled with his motivation.

Temesgen is still struggling with his language barrier, but still he managed to become the employee of the year. KHRS rewarded his great efforts and huge development with a gift card of 800 DKK, a box of chocolates and a diploma. It's amazing to see a new citizen like Temesgen, starting from a new country, succeeding in contributing to Danish society!

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