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Amna signs contract

After 17 years of unemployment, Amna signs her first employment contract at KHRS

In 2001, Amna came to Denmark as a refugee with Sudanese roots. Amna has been struggling getting employed ever since due to personal challenges in form of language skills and competences as well as a lack of orientation in Amna’s situation from the system.

During her stay in Denmark, Amna has been through numerous internships at different companies.  However, none of these have ever led to an actual recruitment, which has caused Amna great frustration and lack of trust to the system.

Having been offered social assistance in form of financial support for many years, Amna knew, she would have to get employed in order to achieve her goals and become successful.

As KHRS shared the same vision for Amna, we began a cooperation that was focused on developing and improving her competences both practically and theoretically. The courses were individually based and costumed for Amna’s needs as well as the standards related to the job. 

After an intensive course of 12 weeks and through a focused effort by both parties, Amna managed the required skills. Today, after having been unemployed for more than 17 years, we celebrate Amna's first employment contract in Denmark.

The team behind KHRS would like to offer you the most sincere congratulations on your achievement and success.

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