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KHRS takes great part in the cooperation within the integration area.

KHRS projects:

KHRS ApS has since the Point 44 Gribskovmodellen forest model in 2006 collaborated with a number of municipalities and the Ministry of Integration on a number of successful integration projects:

(STAR)= Dissemination of corporate social responsibility

Branchedansk teaching

KHRS teaches Branchedansk both in the workplace and KHRS’ teaching rooms based on work in the service industry. The target group is refugees and family reunions with language barriers participating in upgrading and internship in KHRS, which results in retention of these employees. Branchedansk is mandatory for employees with language barriers in the various courses in KHRS, and have difficulty understanding work instructions and teaching in Danish. 

The course contains various elements: Teaching the words and phrases of the industry in Danish, translation and support for mother tongue, guidance on Danish education, testing, evaluation, registration of the students' attendance, progress measurement and reporting to the jobcenter. KHRS teaches in Danish supported with teaching materials, which KHRS has developed in the following languages: Arabic, Urdu, Kurmanji, Swahili, Kurdish, Turkish, Dari, Farsi and Tigrinya. In addition, visual teaching methods in the form of images and video are also used, so that it can be adapted to all levels from the illiteracy to the highly educated. We organize Danish teaching according to the needs of the student. We plan a course, which is adapted to each employee with help from trainers, mentors, inspectors and side-teacher training.

Integration project in Copenhagen

At the beginning of 2016, KHRS ApS entered into an integration agreement with Star and the Copenhagen Business House, which we are very proud of being a part of, as we can make a big difference to the refugees as well as create awareness about how important it is to get our new citizens integrated in Denmark.

With great commitment, we will contribute to integrating refugees into Danish society and the Danish labor market - and we are a service company that has the ballast and experience needed to be able to lift a task like this, with our 37 years in the service industry.

KHRS ApS is a multicultural company, with over 61 different nationalities, we have bilingual teachers who can teaching different levels and who have a unique understanding of the refugee's conditions
We therefore look forward to teach, train and motivate refugees from, among others, the City of Copenhagen municipality in the coming year.

KHRS ApS operates in the service industry including cleaning, window cleaning, property services, kitchen work and hotel service. We will take care of all refugees who are referred to us, through good dialogue, knowledgeable guidance and training in various work tasks in our own rooms, so that we create a safe working environment for the participants. The participants will therefore not be thrown into the labor market before they feel qualified for it, and therefore the first meeting with the Danish labor market will be a good experience for all parts.

Project Motivation for the Labor Market” (MTA)

Project MTA is a project in which KHRS, in close cooperation with a number of municipalities, has the task of getting refugees, and other groups associated with the Danish labor market through practical and theoretical upgrading of the cleaning industry.
KHRS starts the participants in job training  in KHRS's own teaching rooms with authentic furniture and facilities from the service industry, so that a unique understanding of the industry is created, they get increased competencies through intensive training of specific work routines, cleaning products, ergonomics and first aid. Generally a massive individual guidance effort from bilingual teachers.

We include our experience from Point 44 = work, by having specific tasks such as cleaning a hotel room in our fictitious hotel room in our teaching rooms. Our experience tells us that it gives greater confidence to the participants that, initially, they only perform tasks in these rooms until they feel ready for the real workplace. We will continuously train, demonstrate, coach and create motivation among the participants. The integration will not only entail a connection to the labor market but also to a large extent contribute to the participants improving their Danish knowledge, as they get it practiced daily, but also a joy of living by contributing to society, pride in being able to support their family and meeting with other people, they get a circle and something to get up to every day.

In 2008, KHRS entered into collaboration with Jobcenter Copenhagen and started "Project company center ".

"Project company center", was an experimental project under the Danish Labor Market Authority, where work was being done to create inclusion units for the labor market for those citizens who can enter the labor force. Citizens were long-term recipients of social assistance who had both poor labor market experience and other problems than unemployment. The problems could be language barrier, family relationships, physical suffering or anything else that made it difficult to get a job.

The success of this project has since been affected to by other municipalities, and in 2007, KHRS entered into collaboration with Jobcenter Hvidovre and started a new project:”Reaching goal of job ".
The project:”Reaching goal of job ", targeted women with different ethnic backgrounds in all age groups and with more than 6 months' unemployment. KHRS assumed that the participants could be motivated more. For a period of 12 weeks, they were upgraded through teaching and 4 weeks of internship. They were thus prepared and trained to return to the labor market.

Gribskov model (Project Point 44 = work)

KHRS is among other known for our development work in collaboration with Gribskov Municipality, with the project Gribskovmodelle or Project 44 points = work back in 2006.

Project 44 points = work, refers to the point system that was developed by us for the project. Through tests, the participants were measured by KHRS 'standards. Upon reaching 44 points and completing a 4-week internship, the participants were guaranteed ordinary employment. The participants were equipped for ordinary employment through 13 weeks of teaching and training and 4 weeks of internship. The project focused on at women without formal qualifications from non-Western countries. The women were on long-term cash assistance and without any notable conditions in relation to entering the Danish labor market, due to language barrier and lack of prior work experience from Denmark or from their home country. Based on the points system and the training of the women at KHRS, 100% of the women were in ordinary work were within 12 months of the completion of the project. Participants became financial net contributors to Danish society in 5 months; therefore the project was not only a successful integration effort for a weak group, but also forward-looking employment policy.
Here you can read more about Project Point 44 = Work

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The Gribskov model is today widely used and implemented in large parts of the Nordic region and it was the basis for KHRS nomination for the Integration Prize in 2008.

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