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Quality Control

Quality assurance

Already at the beginning of cooperation with a new customer, will quality be a keyword throughout the contract period. The quality will continue continuously with permanent periods of control, clear guidelines, which will provide security for our staff and you.

In KHRS we have great experience in beginning and implementing a new contract.

A clear plan for the takeover will create the best foundation for the required quality and service level throughout the cooperation.

A plan could look like this:

  • ​​Signing of contract
  • Organizing kick-off meeting
  • Clarifications of the technical and organizational content
  • Preparation and organizaton of the desired cleaning program
  • Frequency cleaning
  • Programmed cleaning
  • Purity system
  • INSTA800
  • Quality based cleaning
  • Own special designed cleaning program
  • Preparation of a correct time and action plan for the work
  • ​Presentation of the assignment to supervisors and inspectors
  • Education/training and task-specific instruction to employees
  • ​​Operational/technical preparation
  • Purchasing of cleaning products and the correct machines
  • ​Start-up of the task
  • ​Period of adjustment and daily operation


After start-up:

  • Regular unannounced samples conducted by our Quality Controller of:

        employees, inspectors, supervisors, cleaning and the quality

  • Quality control in cooperation with our customer
  • Self-monitoring after each task
  • Inspections according to standards, procedures and costumers wishes

        (in the start weekly)

  • Every 3 months or monthly a quality and cooperation analysis/survey

        (the customer and KHRS)

  • A monthly quality and cooperation survey will be carried out

       (The employees and KHRS)

 Quality objectives

  • The services we have promised you shall take place as agreed and

        with the quality, amount and service you expect from us

  • Delivery shall take place to the agreed price and time
  • The quality of our self-monitoring and inspection will be documented
  • All relevant regulatory requirements must be observed
  • We make sure that our employees have the right skills required to the task


We work continuously to optimize and further develop our systems in our quality assurance process to be able to follow the times and create the best opportunities for our employees and the customer.


Our Quality Controller will carry out unannounced unsystematic checks of our employees, their effort, our self-monitoring, the work effort and their motivation. The supervisors and inspectors will also be checked along with the quality of the cleaning. This service will not be an additional cost for our customer, since it’s an extra service provided by us, to secure a continuously high quality in our cleaning.

KHRS additionally organize unsystematic checks in cooperation with the customer, so we together can uphold the good quality and service level. The checks have to include at least 1 % of all tasks to gain a presumably effect. If it turns out that the checks don’t match the required quality an immediate plan of action will come in to effect to satisfy the customer.

Quality control

A quality control will also be organized in cooperation with the customer according to a detailed control scheme, the control are adjustable according to need, but will as a starting point take place once a month. A fixed date can be planned or a quality control scheme will be developed, so the customer can be updated every six months.

The inspectors of KHRS will carry out the quality control according to need and after agreement with the customer, to secure a high level of quality which will not fade away in time. We are able to conduct the quality control according to our own custom control schemes or DS/INSTA800.

Quality and collaborative studies

For KHRS it is very important to have a faithful and strong cooperation with our customer, therefore will quality- and collaborative studies always be carried out once a month or each quarter. This is to ensure, that the cooperation works optimally and that all requests are meet. The studies can be reviewed at dialogue meetings between the management of KHRS and the customer.

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